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Discotots toddler/preschooler music and movement classes are not only a brilliant way to have fun together and to meet other mums and tots, they also address your child's developmental needs

Disco Diva in pink
  • Discotots is primarily about you enjoying quality time, bonding and having fun together.
  • It's a chance to get out and meet other mums (as well as dads and grandparents!), in a fun, relaxed and friendly environment.
  • Discotots sessions are predominantly structured in nature and will help your little ones to develop in a number of ways including: balance; coordination; motor skills; spatial awareness; language acquisition; ability to follow instructions; memory; and of course, rhythm!
  • Discotots is an opportunity for your little ones to interact with other children, helping them to develop their social skills and confidence in preparation for nursery/school.
Children having fun at a Discotots Party!
  • The combination of the music, lights and bubbles makes for a lovely sensory experience for both of you.
  • The dancing and movement in sessions provide a great form of exercise which can release endorphins (happy hormones!), and hopefully expend any excess energy!